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Feb 26, 2014 4:00pm PST
congress on hiv research and environment. and even elmo from sesame street asked lawmakers to support music programs in american schools. >> there are too many issues to expect people are going to focus on the range of important dates. >> if their celebrity can advance a cause, they're going to take advantage of the spotlight. abc news, washington. >> well parents of a 5-year-old boy in connecticut are demanding answers after his son was taken from school by the great grandfather of another student. the man told officials he didn't realize he had the wrong child until he got home he brought the boy back the family says they have no reason to believe the child was harmed but still, a lot of questions remain. >> he hasn't said a lot about it. very, very scared. the day of, once he got home. he's only five years old it's hard to extract information. >> well, the school immediately made changes to the pick up procedure but that is not nearly enough for the family. they're demanding a full investigation by police, including a background check of the man who took their child home. >> yikes coming
Mar 3, 2014 4:00pm PST
, as kelly likes to say out in natural element. stars in their natural environment. >> stars in the wild. >> it's just fun to be able to talk and catch up. i know i'm star struck. to be in the room to see everybody it's such an awe moment. >> kelly says her favorite moment was seeing steve mcqueen jumping for joy. there he goes he accepted the oscar for best picture. for all winners and highlights go to our web site. plus go to our facebook page to share how you think ellen did hosting the show. >> and we want to thank you for taking part in our oscar give away. we awarded tickets to seven lucky people that liked us. today's winner is kevin c from san francisco. congratulations to kevin and other winners. >> they get to go free. >> yes. absolutely. >> we've got rain. >> yes. spencer christian is up on the roof and has the umbrella out. >> all right, matthew mcconaughey, all right, all right. it's go to live doppler 7 verga is not hitting the ground but hanging on in spots in the north bay. especially around santa rosa and off shore there, just off the golden gate. you can see a better-or
Mar 5, 2014 4:00pm PST
this afternoon. >> you've got to provide a safe environment so patients are safe and secure. that is the failure here. >> what family and friends wanted is for her life to have meant something. >> investigators found the hospital at fault for the death. >> take a look at the pictures. the vallejo police department is asking for help to identify these people. the pictures taken by lap tops stolen from a car on saturday. the lap tops have a security feature that snaps a picture of ate person that opens the computer after reported stolen. anyone who recognizes these people contact police department. >> today a judge sentenced a former san francisco human rights commission employee to six months in county jail fell nif possession of child important yog graphy. advocates hope the district attorney will pursue civil charges against brinken. >> his attorney said his pension could never be touched. that sends a chill throughout the community. >> brinken arrested after being linked to images in australia. >> a group of third grade students is accuse offed smoking marijuana in a school bathroom . police
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3